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Most Czechs are aware that their language is a nightmare for foreigners, but a well-timed word or two might reward you with a smile if not noticeably better service, and -- who knows -- it may open a few cultural doors.


Thank youDekujiD'-e-kwee-ee
YesAno (or "no")AW-no
HelloDobry denDOE-bree-den
GoodbyeNa shledanouNA SKLE-dawn-o
How much does it cost?Kolik to stoji?Koe-LEEK toe STOY yee?
OneJeden, Jedna, JednoYED-en, YED-na, YED-no
Excuse mePromintePro-MIN-tay
Where is ...?Kde je...?GDAY ye ... ?
Where is the metro?Kde je metro?GDAY ye metro?
Where is the bathroom?Kde jsou toalety?GDAY sow TOWA-aletty?
One beerJedno pivoYED-no pi-vo
Another, pleaseJeste jedno, prosimYESH-ty-e, YED-no, PRO-seem
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