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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)



Where is the meeting point with our translator/guide?


How do I recognize the person from NPDF?


How do we get from airport (or other arrival place) to the hotel?


Who will give me the key and explain me where should I go, what should I do?


Is it possible to have an early check in (or later check out when leaving)?


What about departure?


Is it necessary for each person to fill up the registration form in the hotel?


Is it possible to store small valuables somewhere?


Who is responsible for damages and other things might happen in the hotel?


Is it possible to have rooms very close to each other?


When do I meet other people from the festival?


Do we have some free time?


Can we arrive earlier or stay additional days?


If we want a single room, it is possible?


Can we order also lunch or special food?


What kind of trip do you offer?


Do I need some pocket money?


Where to change money?


If I am lost somewhere?


What about smoking, eating and drinking?


Other things I should know


What is the hotel address?


On 7/2 it is the only rehearsal we have?


How many times do we perform?


How many minutes does each group have each evening and how many pieces can perform?


What about music?


What else does the jury need?


What it is necessary to provide for workshop?


What to take with me and what to leave in the hotel?


Where the performances will be held?


Should other visitors pay to enter the theater?


Is it possible to pay only few days (or some of the services)?


Some discounts/who has to pay and how much?


How much is the extra ...?


What documents we need to enter the CR?


How far everything is and what it is allowed and what not?


How many categories do you have?


Where can we see more about NPDF (pictures, references, history etc.)?


If I still haven't registered – how can I do it and till when?


How to pay?

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