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Why take part?


„I believe times are changing and I think people realise how important it is to be able to communicate. Namely as regards an art such as dance, which does not need to be translated. Dance is an ideal means of communication“

Jiří Kylián



Each culture consists of various aspects, which mutually seek and meet each other, and multiply on the theatre scene without borders: the world! Our dance festival – contest is open to every lover of dance, to everyone who loves dance in all its forms, and styles, no matter what language do you speak, where are you from, if you are older or young, strong or weak even what kind of God do you belive in. It is an original and unique cultural event in the area of amateur – non-professional dance in the heart of Europe!



Obviously, this culture-tourist event such as the New Prague Dance Festival/Competition brings some small victims; it is necessary to give up our habits and it is necessary to learn to control our own self – the inner SELF, come to terms with standard different from ours, and be interested in confrontation with new ideas that enable us to grow and develop as artists, dancers, men and women of this big family, which dance is! Therefore, through art – as an universal language - we call for friendship, solidarity, respect and mutual recognition.

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